I am Intuitive
During this consultation we will go over a treatment plan that best suites you and your lifestyle. Each treatment is hand tailored to address each client’s specific needs.  We have learned to listen to our clients and guide them to listen to their intuition because nobody knows what’s best for you then you.

15 minutes   Complimentary!

I have Good Karma
Good Karma comes to those who deserve it and Karma believes you do! Choose from an a la carte menu to customize your own wonderful treatment or have one of Karma’s experienced Skin Care Gurus customize a treatment for you. In this session what you ask for, you shall receive. You set the intention and Karma will provide the space for you to relax, reflect and manifest greatness into your daily life. We wouldn’t put our signature on it if we didn’t believe in it.

60 – 90 minutes    80+

***I am Balanced
Going through the motions in life we forget to nurture ourselves. When there is an imbalance in our lives the first place it shows up is on our skin and this has been labeled as acne. Typically it is a combination of many things.  Not enough water, stress, diet, and lack of exercise are usually at the top of the list. Without the balance of these very important things your skin can become dry, sensitive and/or experience breakouts. We believe this treatment will address these issues and help to get you and your skin back into balance.

60 minutes 90 w/peel 100

***I am Renewed
Sometimes we just need “a little pick me up” to feel like ourselves again. The renewed treatments are for clients who want results in a timely fashion. Get a 30 minute custom facial or one of our Advanced Peels.  Take a breath and let you and your skin breathe again. Go about your daily life with your best face forward.

30 minutes          60+

I am Radiant
Look and feel Radiant by adding a rush of oxygen combined with vitamins A and E to your skin. Help stimulate blood circulation and allow the skin cells to receive nutrients and achieve proper balance. We have many brides who swear to looking Radiant on their wedding day due to this treatment. Great for sensitive skin types!!

60 minutes           75

***I am Timeless
Microdermabrasion is a machine that uses a little wand with micro fine crystals. It is passed over the face to exfoliate build up and refine your skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. It’s like a magic wand that will refresh your skin and slough off a few years.

60 minutes  150

30 minutes  115
I am Savvy
For our male clients who want to be skin care savvy, choose this hand tailored treatment. We will apply a special cleansing gel that doubles as a shaving cream and helps to soften your skin and facial hair preparing it for your next shave. This will also help to prevent razor bumps. We will then steam your face and use warm barber towels to remove the product. Your Skin Care Guru will assess your skin and customize this treatment to balance your skin leaving you feeling like a new man.

60 minutes          80+

I am Devoted
To see results one has to be devoted to the process. Karma is devoted to being a part of your skin care journey and will put together a series of any of our services to continue you on your optimal skin care path. Series of 3 or 6 are available. (A discount of 10% will apply when a series is purchased.)

***Next to a treatment means we recommend the I am Devoted series with that service.
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