At 18 you’re finally an adult. At 16 you can drive! At 13 it is official and you can get a facial! Enjoy our Teen services at a discounted rate until you become the legal voting age of 18!

***I am Confident
As we become adults our skin is constantly changing. Breaking out is not fun but can be controlled with the right skin care regimen and regular facials. We will help you gain good skin care habits to keep your skin dewy and youthful. 

45 minutes           50 w/peel 60

Teen Brow Clean
Open your eyes to clean shapely brows. We like to work with the natural shape of the brow for all of our naturally beautiful teens     15

(Any other waxing services a teen may be interested in receiving is $5 of the regular price!)

***Denotes recommendation of the I am Devoted series with service.
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